Daley Named Teacher of the Year


Rachel Taylor

Teacher of the Year Mrs. Ann Daley stands among her bookshelves in her meticulously decorated classroom.

Teacher of the Year is a highly anticipated award, given each spring to a teacher nominated and voted for by the faculty. This year English IV teacher Mrs. Ann Daley won Teacher of the Year, as expected by many who know of her welcoming classroom and relatable teaching style.

Senior Kenneth Pree said he knew Mrs. Daley would win.

“I knew Mrs. Daley would win Teacher of the Year because she is the best. She always puts all her heart in everything she teaches,” Pree said.

Even though everyone has been showering Mrs. Daley with flowers, cards, and congratulatory messages, she is still as humble as ever. Mrs. Daley said the win caught her off guard.

“Becoming Teacher of the Year was completely unexpected,” Mrs. Daley said. “It was a pleasant surprise for me and my family. They were really proud of me.”

Mrs. Daley said the class cheered when they announced that she was Teacher of the Year.

“When the announcement happened during 7th period, the students were very excited,” Mrs. Daley said.

Senior Jillian Hebert said she knew Daley had it in the bag.

“I heard Mrs. Daley was a nominee and I knew right away that she would win,” Hebert said. “She is so understanding. She’s a great teacher.”

Not only is Mrs. Daley compassionate and kind, but she also is funny, smart, and relatable. Senior Amaya Mack said Mrs.Daley always cracks jokes during lessons.

“Mrs. Daley is really funny,” Mack said. “Sometimes I don’t like to read or write, but she makes it fun she tells a lot of jokes and does funny stuff to make the class fun. She did that with Macbeth.”

Senior Thomas Hancock said Mrs. Daley is someone he can talk to because she is relatable.

“Mrs. Daley is always there if I need to talk,” Hancock said. “She worked in a grocery store when she was younger, too. I talk to her about my work stuff and she always gives me the benefit of the doubt when it comes to that stuff. She understands.”

Mrs. Daley has an inviting atmosphere all surrounding her and her students can tell. Pree said Mrs. Daley has a smile like no other and he feels welcome in her room.

“Mrs. Daley makes me feel so invited in second period,” Pree said. “She has the best smile and is always happy. I love that about her.”

Hebert agreed with Pree and said that Mrs. Daley makes all her students feel welcome.

“I love coming to Mrs. Daley’s class,” Hebert said. “She doesn’t make me feel like a burden. She makes me feel welcome in her class and she makes me feel like she actually cares about me.”

Mrs. Daley is now a finalist for Secondary Teacher of the Year in CCISD. If she wins, she stands a chance of becoming Region 4 Secondary Teacher of the Year and  Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year.