Heritage Cafe Brings Variety to Neighborhood


Rachel Taylor

Milk Tea with Boba from Heritage Cafe

Rachel Taylor, Photo Editor

Heritage Cafe is an inviting small tea shop on Hope Village Road competing with places around like Teahouse, Tapioca, and Bubble Island. However, there are not many other places around the Friendswood area to get a cup of tea with tapioca.

The place was large and smelled of coffee, it was a very comforting atmosphere. They had games, plants, and nice wallpaper making you feel at home and comfortable inside. I was excited to try a new place because I am pretty good at pointing out a good milk tea.

I ordered their black milk tea with tapioca. I was pleasantly surprised. The tea was not bitter or watered down. It had a vanilla taste and was nice. One thing I didn’t like was the size of the cup. I paid 3.78 and the cup was pretty small, however that didn’t stop me from going back the next day.

Trial two I was expecting this place to blow my mind. I ordered their chocolate cheese muffin and a mango smoothie. The smoothie and the muffin were both amazing. The chocolate muffin had a splendid balance of cream cheese. The mango smoothie was fresh and had the perfect ice to blend ratio. I was amazed. I stayed for about thirty minutes and worked on homework where I was offered a refill (which made up for the cup size). I was genuinely pleased.

With amazing food, drinks, and staff I’d give this place a 10/10! If youre a boba tea fan you need to check out Heritage Park Café on Hope Village road. Right next to Sal’s Pizza and Pauls’ Donuts.