Coding Robots Make Math Fun

Mikayla Reynolds, Staff Writer

Mrs. Lisa Richardson has been bringing something everyone can enjoy to her math models classes, Ozobots.

Ozobots are tiny robots, about the size of a ping pong ball that read color coding and perform different actions based on the colors.

The robots have little sensors on the bottom that make them follow the lines and each code makes them do something different, so you need to have the right pattern for it to do the movements you want them to.

The robots help students by using coding to teach them order of operations and to help them follow directions.

The students are using the ozobots by making a graph and they have to get the bots to follow a color pattern to make them go slow or fast.

“The students seem to enjoy them and have fun with it, there is a lot of trial and error so I see them working through frustrations a lot trying to get it right because they want to get it to do the right thing so the the satisfaction at the end of it doing the right thing seems to help,” Richardson said.

Junior Sean Kelly thinks the Ozobots helps the class to make it something they can enjoy.

“It’s a fun experience it’s really beneficial to our math class it helps us code and work together to create something beautiful,” Kelly said. “This will help education because it makes it fun and more kids will be interested in doing it because it’s not boring, its not paperwork it’s something fun,” Kelly said.