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Starbucks Releases Limited Crystal Ball Frappuccino


Raneem Abukmail, Social Media Editor

Starbucks first themed drink of 2018, the Crystal Ball Frappuccino, is definitely one that will get people up and dancing. On March 20th, Starbucks released the limited drink, following previous limited releases, the Unicorn and Zombie Frappuccinos.

The Crystal Ball Frappuccino has a smooth base of peach syrup layered under whole milk, topped with white chocolate sauce and peach whipped cream, finished with vibrant pink, green, and blue sprinkles.

Significant changes have been implemented compared to the unpleasant Zombie Frappuccino from the fall. The Crystal Ball Frappuccino is more appetizing, with an explosive, sugary peach flavor.

As far as appearance, the drink is visually attractive. But the flavor is a bit overpowering, with a burst of sweetness with every sip. Customers who prefer a sweet drink should head over to Starbucks while they can for taste. But those who prefer a more savory taste should take a seat on this one and wait for the fall release.