Love simon review

Rachel Taylor, Photo Editor

High School student Simon (Nick Robinson) is hiding the fact that he’s gay from everyone in this captivating motion picture.

As the secret starts to become hard for Simon to keep in, he begins E-mailing with a fellow student, “Blue.” Simon found Blue on an anonymous website for students at his high school. Blue posted that he was gay, and that no one knows, this led Simon to email him, and let him know that he was just like Blue. Simon and Blue stay anonymous throughout the film and talk practically every single day. As Simon starts to fall for his pen pal, it shows something: it wasn’t about the physical relationship at all.

Simon goes through most of his school year wondering who Blue is. In fact most of the loving, seat gripping, story is him trying to figure it out. The movie gets darker when a fellow student Martin stumbles across Simon’s emails with Blue after using the computer Simon previously used in the library. Martin screenshots the emails and uses them to blackmail Simon into hooking Martin up with his friend Abby.

Simon agrees to help Martin in return for keeping his secret. The rest of the movie follows Simon as he makes difficult decisions about love, sexuality, and friendship. The best part is, Love, Simon is a film where they show a homosexual as a totally normal high school boy, not defined by their sexuality.