Halloween Spirits at Clear Brook

Raneem Abukmail, Social Media Editor

From the carving of freighting faces on pumpkins to playing tricked or getting treats, students and staff celebrate Halloween in a variety of ways.

Senior Austin Smider likes to spend Halloween nights by ‘Trick or Treating’ with nearby friends and helping out his family with passing out the candy for little kids.

“How we typically spend out Halloween night is if there is a friend nearby, him and I like to go trick or treating or I’ll go and help my family with passing out candy,” Smider said.

Kacey Forks, the ELL Instructional Coach, likes to go all out with her costumes.

“My favorite part about Halloween is dressing up, because I get to be someone else for a night.” Forks said.

Senior Dalton Reichardt said his favorite Halloween memory was when he made his mom come with him to a specific house when he was younger because of how frightening it was.

“I was walking up to this house and there is a long side walk to get right by the garage to get to the door, and I always never wanted to go in there because it was kind of scary anyways. So I made my mom come with me and when I was walking past the garage door, some dude jumped out in a Jason mask out of the garage and I screamed like a little girl and ran away,” Reichardt said.

Every family has their own family Halloween tradition, whether it’s  Trick-Or-Treating, carving pumpkins or watching scary movies.

Lexi Adams and her family will decorate the yard and carve pumpkins.

“Usually my family and I will carve pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns and decorate the yard and put out lights,” Adams said.