Book Review: Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Raneem Abukmail, Social Media Editor

Hush Hush is a book about fallen angels interacting with the human world.

Nora Grey ‘s world starts to turn upside down when she gets a new partner in biology, separating her from her best friend, Vee and pairing her with the mysterious and shy Patch.

From the start, Nora is uncomfortable with Patch and finds him intimidating. She tries her best to avoid him, but Patch always managed to be around, even when he wasn’t there. Patch even starts showing up in her dreams or thoughts.

As a fallen angel, Patch is on  a mission to sacrifice Nora so he can become human, but Patch starts to develop feelings for Nora, and rethinks his mission. Patch makes every effort to bring himself to kill her, but her innocence, kindness, and his strong feelings for her cause him to end up ditching his mission and to pursue a new one: Nora.

Through clever twists, the story unfolds and draws the reader in. The word choice and sensory details provide an immersive experience that will leave its audience reaching for the next book.