UNICEF Aims to Turn Change into Change

Annual Trick-or-Treat Fundraiser Raises Money for Children’s Aid


Raneem Abukmail , Social Media Editor

As October draws to an end, children are thinking of trick-or-treating and candy, but members of UNICEF are looking forward to trick-or-treating for another reason.

UNICEF is working on “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF,” which is an annual fundraiser where instead of collecting candy Halloween night, volunteers collect money and to donate to UNICEF.

“Trick- Or-Treat for UNICEF is our upcoming October project. It is a world’s project for UNICEF, so expect students to be asking around to collect donations, and all the money that is raised goes directly to UNICEF to contribute,” UNICEF Sponsor Mrs. Fran Lopez said.

According to UNICEF President Auva Shariatmadari , the club aims to broaden its members’ vision of the world.

“People need to see outside the scope of their own lives, and see the impact they can make on other people across the world,” Shariatmadari said.

Nelson Bowman, Regional Managing Director of the Houston Branch of UNICEF in the Southwest Region, gave his opinion on why he thinks that UNICEF is beneficial for not only for the people who are receiving the help, but the ones giving it as well.

“Our goal is protecting and saving the world’s most vulnerable children,” Bowman said. “We are a nonprofit and one thing that we are so proud of is that 90 cents out of every dollar goes to help out programs, so the cost of fund raising only costs us 10 percent. In 1988, it was recognized that 35,000 children die per day across the country, a lot of them are from preventable diseases. Through our work, that number has been reduced significantly to almost 16,000 children per day. And our absolute focus is getting that number to zero.”

For more information about UNICEF, simply just go to their website at www.unifecusa.org or go to Mrs. Lopez’s room in room 262. CBHS UNICEF has their meetings on Mondays, so be sure to listen to the announcements to get updates.