Fans Excited About Netflix Getting Stranger

Stranger Things Season Two on Deck for Halloween Viewing

Mikayla Moyd, Staff Writer

If you didn’t already know, another thrill seeking and suspense filled season of Stranger Things is out on Netflix, but the question I have for you is are you ready for another spine tingling season?

Fans have been waiting a whole year for what’s next to happen in the new season of Stranger Things.

Junior Diane Villatoro said she thinks Eleven deserves to come back this season.

“I believe that Eleven should come back, especially considering that she sacrificed herself to save her friends and in the process she just up and disappeared,”  Villatoro said.

Junior Lauren Fuselier said she loved the series. It was unique, different and filled with life threatening encounters.

“I loved it. I think bravery and loyalty are extremely admirable qualities, especially for young kids,” Fuselier said. “I did feel a bit nervous at times, but only because I felt they had too much to handle. From fighting monsters, to saving Will and trying to escape.”

Senior Lindsay McClure said she expected more of the upside down, learning how it works and everyone coming together again.

“I expect for all the kids to meet up again and Eleven to come back to the group, especially with answers to everything that has happened since her disappearance,”  McClure said. “If this doesn’t happen, I think there will be a new monster instead of a Demogorgon, maybe even a new character added to the group. Possibly Eleven’s replacement.”