Stranger Things Season 2 Brings Bigger Challenges, Thrills

Rachel Taylor, Photo Editor

Stranger Things season two took fans of the Netflix series by storm when it premiered October 27th.  The show first came out last year in July as a Netflix Original written by the Duffer Brothers. From there it took off. The Duffer Brothers have openly said, if the show didn’t do so well in Summer 2016, it would have been a one season show. Since season one gained a lot of attention due to its creepy vibes, supernatural aspects, and lovable actors, the Stranger Things team gathered together for another season.

This season was not only done well with amazing graphics, screenplay, and writing, the young actors are doing very well themselves. The show takes place in the 1980’s and is based around supernatural events, which puts its young actors and actresses in a world they have never experienced before, and they’re owning it.

For some of the cast like Gaten Matarazzo and Millie Bobby Brown, (Dustin and Eleven). Stranger Things is their first big role. The whole season sends the eighth graders on a nine-episode adventure to figure out how to stop the wickedness hovering over their town and their best friend Will, portrayed by Noah Schnapp.

Stranger Things 2 has the knit tight friend group going through a frenzy as they make fatal risks to save Hawkins, Indiana and their best friend.

When a new girl moves to town and gets tied up into the D&D party, the boys have to decide if they should add a member to the group considering its supernatural secrets. All while being “normal” eighth graders, the group goes from playing Dungeons and Dragons in the basement of Mike Wheeler, portrayed by Finn Wolfhard to saving the world. The 13-year-olds are getting wrapped up in things that are even stranger, and fans cannot wait for more.