Cheer Sets Sights on Competition Season


Mikayla Moyd

Junior Ivana Higgins Waves to the crowd as she comes out of a tumble at a football game.

Mikayla Moyd, Staff Writer

As basketball season starts, cheer moves from football season to competition season.

The change in focus brought changes in practice schedules, too, according to senior Chelsea Wilson.

“I wasn’t too fond of 6 a.m practices or practices 4 days a week, but I always enjoyed the fun my team mates brought,” Wilson said. “Even if we argued, we’re still a family and I admire that a lot about my team.”

The team finished third in their first competition of the season and the team has higher hopes for the rest of the season.

“We’re going to win and make this season unforgettable,” Wilson said. “Getting third place wasn’t the best, but we’ve learned from our mistakes.”

Although many teams stress over competion season, junior Cade Moller said he wasn’t too worried.

“With all the effort and dedication this team has put in as a whole, I know we’ve got this,” Moller said. “Being a part of this team has changed my perspective, it’s way different than being with all the boys on the football team.”